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PROVENZA: Are you drunk?

LLOYD GIBBS: No. I ran out of beer, like, two hours ago.

SHARON: I understand your flustration, but until we have orders to the contrary, LAPD officers are not required to babysit your witnesses.

EMMA RIOS: Unless they´re cute little blond boys, in which case you adopt them?

EMMA RIOS: I´ve got fifteen minutes to get to court and persuade the judge that Lloyd Gibbs is a credible witness being unfairly detained. Anybody care to come back me up?

JULIO: I will. This evidence is total bullshit.

EMMA RIOS: Thank you. It´s nice to know I have at least one friend here, Detective Lopez.

LLOYD GIBBS: A friend was with me last night.

ANDY: (shouts) I told you not to call anybody!

LLOYD GIBBS: I wasn´t just anybody. This is the most amazing woman in the world, I´ve known her since we were kids, we´ve dated off and on since high school and you can believe her when she says I dindn´t kill anyone because she is honest, dependable and absolutely not a prostitute!

ANDY: Not a prostitute?

PROVENZA: What is her name?

LLOYD GIBBS: Her name is Shampagne - with an S - and she has a website.

SHAMPAGNE: Oh, no. Is he okay?

ANDY: Oh, he´s about thirty seconds from being charged with with murder, but other than that, yeah, he´s great.

SHAMPAGNE: Will you give him my best? Oh, and tell him that I´ve got the "free moustache rides" sweatshirt that he left in my car.

PROVENZA: You know what? I´ve got a better idea. Why don´t you come with us and you can tell him yourself?

SHAMPAGNE: What did you do? It isn´t working. It won´t take my password. You people broke my phone!

MIKE: Let me see if I can fix it. It´s made in China!

SCOTT PERRY: I should´ve known all along that Shampagne would talk.

SHARON: Well, it is what she´s paid to do.

SHARON: Anyway I feel a month of civility coming my way.

PROVENZA: Oh, son of the...